About us

Ok, so who am I and what is Certain Health Elements ?

The two stories are hard to tell separately, so squeezing them in one breath seems more appropriate.

The story of Certain Health Elements is the story of my life. It’s a story of change and possibilities. I cannot find a way how to put it otherwise.

It starts with me dropping out of college, and going to Oahu Hawaii to work and live there for a while. And for someone who has spent most of his adolescent years diligently playing the violin, Oahu was the synonym for freedom.

Discovering fitness for the first time, reading scores of books, discovering lifestyle design, personal development… It was an energy bonanza. An experience that changed me profoundly.

Shortly after, I contacted my childhood friend, and Certain Health Elements was born. He too was passionate about lifestyle design, and especially online projects and passive income businesses. Certain Health Elements was to become our journey log.

We wrote about what excited us; about self-improvement, about the self-made man, productivity, health, fitness… and millions of readers stopped by throughout the years.

I will be sharing more articles on lifestyle design, poke some interesting topics, cover entrepreneurship as well, map our journey with Certain Health Elements and share all the challenges that await me both professionally and personally.